Game Design & Minecraft Modding with Construct and Redstone

Create original video games using a powerful visual editor and modify the highly popular Minecraft video game. Practice problem solving and logical thinking as you learn the basics of game design and computer programming.

2D Game Design with Construct

What exactly makes a game fun to play? Build a foundation in 2-dimensional design, creating original video games drag-and-drop style with a visual editor and behavior-based logic system.

Coding & Minecraft Modding with Java

Learn object-oriented programming using a popular open-world video game. Write actual Java source code in a professional IDE, and deploy the code to the Minecraft sandbox.

3D Game Design with Unreal

Create original worlds for 3D games with the Unreal game engine. Add lighting, effects and camera perspectives, and script visually to focus on game elements rather than typing code.

3D Game Programming & VR with Unity

Learn a real-world programming language, and develop 3D games with the Unity game engine. Write actual C# source code in a professional IDE to control the behavior of in-game objects and experience them in VR.

3D Modeling, Printing & Animation with Maya

Design a 3D universe to your specifications with Maya professional software. Model objects and 3D-print them. Create environments and visual effects and use animation to bring your story to life.


Develop the skillset necessary to be a successful camp counselor. Learn to manage children effectively, work well with adults and thrive as a leader.