Fuel their future

Creativity, critical thinking, communication & collaboration: we emphasize the 4Cs needed for success in today’s media-driven world.

Strengthen self-confidence

Hands-on projects spark curiosity and the sense of accomplishment that accelerates transition from hesitation to independence.

Make new friends

Our groups are intentionally kept small, and our staff encourage the kinds of peer interaction that easily make friends.

Established 2005

Top to bottom, Game Camp Nation is about friendship and education, and it starts with the little things. At the top are co-owners and co-founders, Stephen Deyesso and Philip Luchon.

Steve and Phil grew up together in Massachusetts. They were technically (yet unofficially) in business together in 1994, when they ran their high school store. And let’s face it, the store’s success was unprecedented under their management. So aside from the foundation of friendship, they clearly had a foundation for a business partnership. However that was not to be for another 11 years.

After high school, Steve attended Gordon College to study Computer Science. While he attended college, he worked as a director for a computer camp. Upon graduating, he taught at a private high school in Massachusetts before deciding to start a summer camp of his own.

After a year at university, Phil was promoted to an upper level IT administrator position at Ahold Corporation and turned to building his career in the corporate world.

Their friendship continued, and both Phil and Steve still lived in Massachusetts. Phil was growing disenchanted with the corporate world, and Steve needed support to run the type of camp he envisioned. They put their heads together, made the untold sacrifices that entrepreneurs must make, and in 2005, Game Camp Nation was founded.

Over the years, the product of Steve and Phil’s countless hours of brainstorming, successes, disappointments, ingenuity, creativity, frustration, excitement and evolution, has led to what is now Game Camp Nation. The steady growth of Game Camp Nation has allowed them to continually improve the unique quality of the experience they bring to campers.

The enthusiastic staff and their passion for education and technology is what separates this camp from others. That has a lot to do with the fact that friendship was at its foundation. From the founders, to the staff, to the campers themselves, there is an ever-present sense of fun and excitement. Education and people are a priority, so fun and friendship are natural byproducts. Perhaps that is why so many different people find that they belong and can grow here. Game Camp Nation is truly a community—a community of gamers, educators, learners and friends.