Dayton   Unruh

A.A. Engineering

Ed   Frischkorn

A.A. Web Design and Interactive Media

Fernando   Dos   Santos

Pursuing B.A. Interactive Design, Game Development

Madison   Thorne

Pursuing B.F.A. Game Design, Graphic Design

Mark   Lyman

B.A. Music

Nick   Davis

Pursuing B.A. Marketing

Phillip   Hankel

Pursuing certification Character Animation

Rik   Lloyd

Pursuing B.A. Music

Phil   Luchon

Directed by Phil Luchon


Our maximum ratio is 5:1 during class and 10:1 during non-academic activities.
Each member of our staff is a legal adult, trained in first aid and emergency action. Every member also carries a 2-way radio for immediate contact with the director.
Every staff member is thoroughly vetted through extensive background and reference checks.